About the Initiative

The TL;DR version: Data is the future, UConn is a world-class research institution, and Stamford has too many positives to adequately enumerate. In partnership with CTNext and StamfordNext , UConn is putting them together to pilot a multi-component initiative around data science. We’re starting out small, but the goal is not to stay that way.

The Ingredients

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Data Science

A data-driven decision is just a better decision (do we really need to go on?)

We have an unprecedented ability to create, store, and access unimaginable quantities of data.

You’d be hard pressed to find a field that isn’t being transformed as a result of data.

Many of the fastest growing jobs in the state (and our country) are data science related.


The fastest growing city in Connecticut.

Has a higher density of data analytics companies than anywhere else in Connecticut.

The metropolitan statistical area (MSA) that includes Stamford has the highest per capita density of Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the US (yes, you read that correctly, higher than even Silicon Valley).

Stamford lives on the Washington DC/Boston corridor, and is only a 45-minute train ride from New York City.

Since we’re on a food analogy, Stamford has more local food establishments than almost anywhere in the country.

stamford city
university of connecticut campus

The University of Connecticut

UConn consistently ranks as the top public research university in New England.

UConn has world-leading faculty in a variety data-intensive fields (from cyber security to business analytics to genomics).

UConn’s Stamford campus its fastest growing regional campus with unique strengths in Business, Computer Science, and Digital Media and Design.

UConn has proven itself a major contributor to economic development in Connecticut, including for example, running the largest technology incubation program in the state.

What we are creating

It has been well-documented that research universities can serve as catalysts for cities we might deem “tech hubs”. It’s not surprising. Through their training of the future workforce and engagement with industry/startups on cutting-edge research/innovation, research universities are often engines of economic development. It’s time to turn that engine on.

The upward trajectory of UConn, Stamford, and Data Science over the past several years have all been remarkable and are converging at a uniquely opportune time. In partnership with the state/city (through CTNext and StamfordNext) UConn is blending these ingredients together to launch what we’re calling the “Stamford Data Science Initiative”.

The overall initiative comes in three parts:

  1. Establishing a data science focused tech incubator, which we’re calling TIP Digital.
  2. Creating the Stamford Startup Studio - a yearlong entrepreneurial coop program for undergrads revolving around the creation of a data intensive product.
  3. Hiring a cohort of five rising stars in data science research.