Data Science Faculty Fellows

While UConn has many leading data science researchers across the institution, our Stamford campus has historically been a teaching-focused campus. We’re currently in the process of recruiting 5 top data science faculty researchers to Stamford as part of the initiative.

The faculty we hire will not be your typical academics – we're specifically looking for folks who have experience working in entrepreneurship and/or industry. It’s admittedly a bit of an experiment – we’re putting 5 top industry-focused data science researchers across 4 schools/colleges at UConn in the same space as leading data science startups, and in a region of the country with some of the highest densities data analytics companies. We’re not seeing the downside.

If you know someone who would be a good fit for one of these positions pass the info along. Job ad links included below.

university of connecticut school of business building
UConn School of Business position (two positions)
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UConn School of Engineering position
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university of connecticut information technology engineering building
university of connecticut college of liberal arts and sciences building
UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences position
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UConn School of Fine Arts position
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university of connecticut school of fine arts building