Ways to get involved

We’ll preface this by saying in no way is this a comprehensive list, just a handful of representative examples to get the point across.
The TL;DR version: Just get in touch with us, we’ll figure out how to get you involved, and this is an evolving initiative so we’d love to get your feedback regardless.

Who are you?

people working in startup company

If you’re...
A start-up

Apply to the technology incubation program in Stamford (assuming there’s some data component to your start-up, or you can just apply anyway).

Come to our various online (and eventually in-person) events around entrepreneurship and innovation.

If you’re...
An established company

Connect with us about becoming a preferred provider for our start-ups.

Collaborate on a data science research project with our world-class faculty.

Come learn about our incubated start-ups (you might want to invest in some of them).

Write a big check so we can take this entire initiative to the next level (though little checks won't be turned away either).

people collaborating ideas
people holding poster about philanthropy

If you’re...
A philanthropist

Support life transformative experiential learning experiences for undergrads, cutting-edge data science research, and transformative start-ups that will not only contribute to the economic health of our state, but are also poised to make life better for millions (if not billions). Is there really a better cause?!

If you’re...
A student

Apply to be part of the Stamford Startup Studio (if the deadline passed there’s always next year).

Come to our various events/programming to learn about entrepreneurship (if you don’t yet know about the UConn Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, well, now you do!)

Let us know if what we’re doing here resonates with you, and how we can make it resonate better.

students doing homework
books about entrepreneurship

If you’re...
A serial entrepreneur

Become a mentor to our start-ups, or apply for a more formal entrepreneur-in-residence position (as we have those kinds of positions open from time to time).

Provide programming on a topic of your choosing.

Come to our conference/lounge area and share start-up war stories (after we can get together, that is).

If you’re...
An investor

Yeah, this one doesn’t really require in-depth explanation - you’re looking for great companies, we’re incubating great companies, need we say more?

computer displaying stock market
laptops on a table

If you’re...
Anyone else who is interested in the initiative

Get in touch with us. We love discussing the initiative and thinking about ways to make it better.